News and Events

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1st                   Easter Day – see Worship and Services for times

3rd                  Holy Conversations, Rectory, 7pm Click HERE

6th                 No Henley Tots today (Easter Break)

8th                 Sunday’s Cool, Gt Blakenham Parish Room, 10.30am. Click Here

15th               Sunday’s Cool, Gt Blakenham Parish Room, 10.30am. Click Here

20th               Henley Tots,9.30-11.30, Henley Church Click here

21st                Vestry Café, Henley Church, 10.30-1pm – food, nibbles, cakes, light lunches.

21st                 Fish’n’Chip supper for St George’s Day, Gt Blakenham Parish Room, 7pm

28th                 Pudding Night, Henley Church Vestry, 7.30pm



1st                   Holy Conversations, Rectory, 7pm Click HERE

4th                 Henley Tots,9.30-11.30, Henley Church Click here

6th                   Godparent Sunday, click here
Godparents sunday

10th                 Ascension Day – Thy Kingdom Come event, details TBC

11th                 Night Out, Henley Vestry, 7.30 (book tickets with the vicar £10)

12th                 Benefice Prayer Event (Thy Kingdom come), details TBC

18th                Henley Tots,9.30-11.30, Henley Church Click here

18th                St Mary’s 2020 Project Launch, Gt Blakenham Church, 5pm-8pm

19th                Vestry Café, Henley Church, 10.30-1pm – food, nibbles, cakes, light lunches.

20th                Pentecost Picnic and Praise, The RectoryPentecost

20th               families@4.30, Barham Church, 4.30 Click Here

21st                Suffolk Day

26, 27, 28      Gt Blakenham Wedding Festival Click Here



5th                   Holy Conversations, Rectory, 7pm

16th                Vestry Café, Henley Church, 10.30-1pm – food, nibbles, cakes, light lunches.

16th                 Barham Church Fete, Barham Church, 2pm

22nd-24th       Henley Festival (WW1 Commemoration, Street Party, Flower Festival)

30th                 family@church day, Gt Blakenham Parish Room, 10-3pm

30th                 St Peter’s Song of Praise and picnic, Claydon Church, 4pm. Bring a picnic to eat after the service.



1st                   Patronal Service and Picnic/BBQ Henley

3rd                   Holy Conversations, Rectory, 7pm

7th                   Barham Music Evening – Barham Hall

Band Concert

14th                 Barham/Claydon Gala Day at School/Community Centre

15th                 Barham Church Family BBQ

21st                Vestry Café, Henley Church, 10.30-1pm

21st                 Doggy Day, GB

Pet Service

21st                 Claydon and Barham Gala Day

22nd                Pet Service, GB



7th                   Holy Conversations, Rectory, 7pm

8th – 10th       J-Team, Barham

19th                 Patronal Service and Picnic, Gt Blakenham Church

25th                 140th Anniversary of the Akenham Burial Case. Meet at 12 Noon at St Peter’s, Claydon Church for a walk to St Mary’s Church, Akenham (about 1 hour).



4th                  Holy Conversations, Rectory, 7pm

15th               Vestry Café, Henley Church, 10.30-1pm

22-23             Harvest Festival Weekend



2nd                   Holy Conversations, Rectory, 7pm

20th                Vestry Café, Henley Church, 10.30-1pm

28th                Departed Loved Ones Service, 3pm, Barham Church

31st                 Non-Halloween LIGHT Party (for all ages)



6th                   Holy Conversations, Rectory, 7pm

17th                Vestry Café, Henley Church, 10.30-1pm

17th                 Claydon and Barham Christmas Bazaar



4th                   Holy Conversations, Rectory, 7pm

30th, 1st, 2nd  Advent Weekend, Gt Blakenham

8th                   Christmas Fayre, Gt Blakenham

8th                  Christmas Caberet, Barham Church, 7pm

15th                Vestry Café, Henley Church, 10.30-1pm