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Gt Blakenham

Bluebell Walk – Gt Blakenham Church hope to hold a Bluebell Walk in the Great Wood at Gt Blakenham sometime in April, regulations permitting. Date to be confirmed.

Seed Swap – Look out for Gt Blakenham’s Seed Swap which we hope to be able to do in May. Date to be confirmed.

Please contact Wendy Hooper for details, tel: 01473 846642 or email:

Christian Aid

Christian Aid Week May 10th to 15th

Sadly, whilst we are still partly still in lockdown, it is not sensible for us to go round knocking on doors to collect donations. However, the need for the funds is just as desperate this year. So we are taking a different approach. We are planning to deliver envelopes to as many houses in Claydon and Barham as possible (hopefully more than we have in recent years) but instead of calling back to collect them (which to be fair few of us enjoy!) we will put a slip with the envelope inviting people to drop the envelope with their donation through the letterbox at an address local to them. We have no idea how effective this will be but at least we are telling people we still care about the third world and whatever we get will be more than we get doing nothing. If you are willing deliver around your area, please let Mick know on 830205 so that we can get the envelopes ordered.

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